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Rocket Estate Technologies

Rocket Estate Technologies (RET) is a strategic venture equity investment firm with a global footprint in fintech, cybersecurity, digital assets, and eGaming.

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We support and represent the forefront of innovation within our target industries, leveraging our team's unique insights and wide network to infuse synergies among our investees' products, geographies, and technologies for maximum impact. Through these efforts, RET channels its resources and creativity into constructive initiatives that support safety, prosperity, and stability within society’s most critical frameworks.


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we put smart money to work for you

Rocket Estate Technologies blends smart money investments with bespoke solutions to the most commonly identified pain points among startups (especially from emerging markets): lack of resources, gaps in the front office, and numerous difficulties when expanding internationally.


Our value-add portfolio support includes:

Business Development

  • international business development

  • market expansion

  • digital product strategy

  • product marketing strategy

  • global outreach and promotion

Governance and Security

  • corporate governance

  • international corporate development

  • financial controlling

  • operational and technical excellence

  • legal support and cybersecurity advisory

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Richard Ogilchyn Goldeneye
richard ogilchyn goldeneye

vision, investments, development

Ryan McHenry
ryan mchenry

operations, marketing, product strategy

Paul Korzhyk
paul korzhyk


Emad Mostaque
emad mostaque

fund direction

Steven Church
steven church

general counsel US, fintech and cybersecurity advisory

Martin Schweikhart
martin schweikhart

general counsel EU, digital asset management regulation

Saurabh Suri
saurabh suri

venture partner

Sven Dietrich
sven dietrich

cybersecurity advisory

board of directors

Vanessa Liu
vanessa liu


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jack selby

non-executive board member

Vazil Hudak
vazil hudak

non-executive board member

David Bonfili
david bonfili

non-executive board member

Rachel Mushahwar
rachel mushahwar

non-executive board member

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