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Rocket Estate Technologies (RET) is an early-stage venture capital firm with a global footprint in fintech and cybersecurity.


about us

Rocket Estate Technologies (RET) is a global venture capital firm that promotes safety, prosperity, and enjoyment in our increasingly digital worlds. Although headquartered in NYC, our firm maintains deep ties to Ukraine and actively supports the country’s reconstruction via Foundation for Ukraine, a nonprofit foundation we created.

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We invest in two key industries--cybersecurity and fintech--while leaving room for other opportunistic investments.



Our globally distributed team maximizes our exposure to top startup hubs around the world.

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We provide best-in-class portfolio support that spans business development, product development, and computer science.



We look for commercially viable applications of the most progressive technologies in web3, blockchain, and AI/ML.

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our global reach

Our team’s unique expertise in diverse markets allows us to find untapped potential and fund profitable opportunities that other investors are simply unable to work with.

Languages spoken:

English Ukrainian French Spanish Portuguese German Dutch Arabic Hindi Hebrew Polish Slovak Russian Mandarin


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RET lab

We are committed to end-to-end investment management, which is why we do not outsource our due diligence or portfolio development processes. However, we recognize that startups in our field sometimes require specialized assistance.


This is why we created RET Lab. It’s a separate entity within our corporate structure that counts on an array of scientists, technologists, and business development executives who we’ve thoroughly vetted to work with us on a project-by-project basis.

The result? A tight-knit team with world-leading professionals that's managed in a cost-effective way.

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foundation for ukraine

We’ve already stated that RET promotes safety, prosperity, and enjoyment in our increasingly digital worlds. As a company founded by Ukrainian and American entrepreneurs, we firsthand understand what can happen when these liberties come under threat.


ESG is important to us. Impact investments are important to us. And so is giving back. Therefore, RET has launched the Foundation for Ukraine. Our goal is to support the long-term reconstruction of a safe, prosperous, and vibrant Ukraine. [details coming soon!]

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